The CopyCut machine can be attached to a chainsaw. As its name suggest, it is copying cutter. CopyCut blade quard follows the surface of the lower log and the blades cut the same shapes into the upper log. The blades are made of-high quality, high-speed steel, which is exceptionally durable. CopyCut can be adjusted to cut a wide range of log strengths. The lateral groove shape can also be changed by adjusting the blades.

You can make lateral grooves in logs that are 4, 5, 6 and 7 inches thick. In millimetres, 100-175 mm.

The picture shows lateral groove shapes made in a 5-inch log by adjusting blade settings.


                       Hollihaka, holding hook.

CopyCut Max demonstrations. The Max model is now available.

Its fits up to 9 inch logs.

     Below are the first tests of the round log. 20 and 25cm log.

                      CopyCut machine at work.


               Video on using CopyCut.

Link below to pdf file of compatible saws.

Also available with a Milwaukee cordless chainsaw package and fitting kit.

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